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Welcome to Kentucky Arts Fest! Our passion is in the arts, and we want to help artists grow their businesses and gain exposure through arts and crafts shows that focus on the artists of Kentucky. We host 9 arts and crafts shows across the state to reach artists in all areas of Kentucky. From the fast-paced, big city, modern artists of Louisville, to the small town artists of rural eastern Kentucky.

Our Vision


Our passion is in the arts. We want to have festivals to celebrate the art and artists in Kentucky. That is why all of our festivals are handmade only. We want to focus on the true artists whose art makes Kentucky so special. We welcome all forms of art to our shows. Woodworkers, glass blowers, potters, jewelry makers, knitters, crocheters, quilters, doll makers, sewing, painting, modern art, abstract art. We love it all! 

Our Future


We see a very bright future ahead for artists! With the growth of self employment, stay-at-home-moms like myself, and the online crafty craze, everyone does something. From junk metal sculptures to pallet art, upcycling, or turning wallpaper into jewelry, there is no shortage of creativity. Craft shows are bigger and better than ever! We want to help small business owners and local artists get the attention they deserve. The spotlight is on you. Let us help you shine!

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Ky Arts Fest

Lexington, Kentucky, United States